Discover what tv trends 2019 has observed and where they arised from

The way we consider content has grown greatly in the previous century, but even more just so in the last decade: discover how in the content below.

One factor that has surely disrupted countless forms of media and the way they are consumed is the internet. While every form of media – radio, tv, even only print – would once just have its own means, various kinds of content can today be found on the same variety of platforms online. As the latest generations tend to prefer content that they can retrieve at any time they want, the streaming industry trends are progressively emerging as the web-based platforms gain popularity. For this reason, numerous traditional television outlets are starting to provide similar online availability, where users can enjoy the benefit of on-demand viewing, as essential figures in the field such as Vincent Bolloré are undoubtedly aware of. This trend is not just related to television and visual media: any entertainment industry analysis would show that things like reading the news or listening to music are also increasingly popular on online platforms as a result of their approachability.

When considering the evolution of the global media and entertainment industry, a factor that has had to adapt to brand-new formats is that of advertising. When television transmission was the primary way of consuming content, advertising would easily be put in place with commercial breaks, but as executives in the industry like Andrea Salerno will be well conscious of, that is not necessarily the most efficient format nowadays. As content moves on web based platforms where users pay subscription fees to prevent adverts, in fact, sponsorships and social media campaigns are today on the rise, meaning that the content of the advert will have to comply with brand-new formats. However, focusing on the media and entertainment industry statistics, one form of media that can still benefit so much from traditional commercials is that of reality tv and sports events, as individuals will still want to watch it during the time it airs on regular channels.

A thing that is actually influencing the current trends in television broadcasting is the relation that consumers have with the content that is being indicated. For instance, simply ten years ago it would have been expected for a television programme to be broadcasted at scheduled times, maybe previously a week, and viewers would stay tuned at that time to appreciate it all at the same time. Presently, because of the web, a new form of consuming media is that of watching a whole program at a time, likewise well known as binge-watching, meaning that the viewers feel much more involved in the content, and will definitely follow the entire show and not intermittent episodes. Producers such as Ron Jones will surely be conscious of what these tv show trends 2019 signify for the business, as well as maintaining a good relationship with a loyal following.

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